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Can I Get an Old Cyst Excised?

I've had this cyst since the beginning of March that won't shrink at all. When it does happen to shrink a tiny bit, it refills back up. I don't squeeze it or touch it. I had it injected and nothing happened and it was my first injection ever! Icing it shrinks it a lot but then it gets big again. Same thing for hot compresses. It doesn't hurt at all. It hurt in the beginning and would ooze and bleed a lot but since then its just sitting there on my face so big and ugly like penny size.

I'm going on accutane in less than a month. Should I stop by my derm and get it excised once and for all? Or get it injected? See, I don't think the injection worked because there is no inflammation; its just a huge hard sac above the skin.

Do you think I can walk right into the derm and get the shot?

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I had one excised, it came back and left a horrible scar. This was years ago. I had 2 that were dime sized. I was then sent to derm. It took at least 2 years and about 5-6 (?maybe more?) injections to finally get it under contol. They will start out with a weaker solution of the steroid (can't remember exactly what kind) and work up to a stonger solution if weaker is not working. Talk to your Derm. on what to expect, they don't always give you this info unless you ask. They don't want to start on the strongest at first because if it shrinks too fast it will leave a depression in your skin and not give your body enough time to "fill in" with collegen. Cysts can be persistant suckers. There is still something under the skin a bit but has not become inflamed in years. A few times it has I use ice and take ibuprophen (anti-imflamatory) for a few weeks......Also have tried numerous other things, not sure if it helped. Those things form a barrier around themselves so its hard for anything to get to them through the blood stream. It's the bodys way of walling off an infection and protecting itself.

I still get the occasional cyst

2-3x weekly scrub masks

Treating like a boil with tumeric (a spice) topically and orally

Using MyChelle serums and fruit enzyme spray (purchased on-line)

Cleansers, cetaphil, aveeno oatmeal, olive oil soap

ACV diluted as a toner

The list goes on but thats what I am mostly using.

Hope my info helps.

I havn't had any injction for years, no longer have insurance and just can't afford it out of pocket anymore.

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