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Aww- sorry I wrote so much

HI all, I am new here (first post) and I have cystic acne:(( I first of all HATE IT and it is such a curse. I am a 24yr old female and have had cystic acne since the last few months of 2005 till now and still going. I had never had cystic acne before the end of 2005 and never heard of it either. Once I started getting cystic acne I immediately assumed it was some major typical pimples that I was getting due to stress from planning my wedding. Well its almost my 2nd year anniversary and I still have them so I was appearantly wrong.

I did go to a dermatolagist and he game me a prescription for minoclyn or whatever and wanted to give me the shots in each cyst before my wedding to help. However I dont like needles and figured they would go away on their own. HA! Months after my wedding I went to another Derm and was giving cetaphil moisturizer and told it was cystic acne, she mentioned accutane- however being married now and wanting kids in the near future i was not interested at all.

She gave me some ointment (dont remember the name), the cetaphil moisturizer and wanted me on birth control. She also gave me some thing for redness. I didnt get a very good vibe from her at my visit- she was actually the assistant, i never saw the doc.

I like the cetaphil mositurizer- everything else was not needed or too harsh for my skin. I tried pro active for a short time and it seemed to be working a bit but i ran out and didnt continue. Pro Active has the same ingrediants as some other kits so I tried one of those with little improvement. I have basically just accepted I have cystic acne. I thought i had acne in High School hahaha- whatever- more like I had none.

I will soon go back to a different Derm and perhaps try some things I have been reading on here and see what they suggest. For the time being I am simply never wearing make up unless I am out and around people excluding my husband. I am using Nuetrogena Oil Free Cleanser (the orange bottle). I sometimes use apricotes exfoliating scrub wich I found helpful for my scars I have from the cystic acne. I also use Clean & Clears sensative skin astringent and cetaphil mositurizer. Its just a combination of things that feel nice on my skin and dont irritate my skin. I often will apply the atringent multile times through out my day at home to kinda dry out any acne.

I rarely will apply rubbing alcahol if I dont have astringent. Haha I rarely will use toothpaste on a pimple (im sure plenty of you have done so as well). I hate having cystic acne, It can do so much to ones self image. I dont go out as much with friends becuase I just hate dealing with taking photos and knowing ugh my face will look horrible. I have photoshopped photos which I hate to resort to:(

My mom has a theory that I have some sort of bacterial infection in my blood from a breast augmentation I recieved about 5-6 months before I started getting cystic acne. I havnt looked into this yet. I had no acne scars in mid 2005 and now i have what llooks like very large pores on my cheeks near my nose area and some large pore like scars on my forehead as well. My scars appear red without make up therefore I will not go out in public without make up wich i am sure onlyy clogs things worse blah!

I tend to have a habbit of picking at anything on my face becuase I want it gone!! I know that doesnt help either:( THats pretty much my story and me. I always have at least 1 or 2 (at least) cystic acne bumps present and its more like 5 or 6 at a given time. I get clusters of cysts on my forehead and I hate them becuase they hurt (i hide them with bangs). I at one time swear I had a second head coming from my chin and i HAD to squeeze it till it went down and I refer to the cyst on my face as the names of different planets. I am envious of people with flawless skin but I am sure their world isnt perfect either- so I will keep on truckin as much as I can till I beat it.

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Hey! I am sorry that you are struggling! Just know that there are many people here with the same story.

I am 28 and had horrible acne in h/s. I went on Accutane at 18 and it cleared up until a few months ago. Now it is back with a vegance. I have about 10 cysts or nodules on my chin. I am on Septra oral antibiotic and erygel (erythromycin (antibiotic) gel). I am like you...married and considering kids, so Accutane is not an option right now. Both medicines I am on are OK if I become pregnant but I should stop immediately when I do. That said, I don't think either drug is working.

One thing...try as hard as you can to NOT PICK. That often leads to red marks and scarring. If you can get to a dermatologist, they will often inject them and they will decrease in a few days. But realize that it may take a few months to get your first dermatologist appt (MINE ISN'T UNTIL AUGUST!)

I hope this helps!

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