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Hey everyone, I recently went to a dermatologist for the first time. My normal doctor put me on minocycline for 7 months and it did nothing. I stopped using it and am now starting month 3 or so of doxycyline.

My dermatologist said i should start out gradually. Using tazorac every third night for two weeks, every other night for 2-3 weeks, and then every night. Tonight has been my 3rd application thus far.

Did your derms put you on a system like this starting out? Should I stick with this system or just start using it every night. I haven't noticed any irritation, just a few flakes, but moisturizer takes care of it for the most part.

I started with the cream and then will switch to the gel ( sample tubes atm). I also use cetaphil daily cleanser twice each day.

What did your derm tell you when you were first given a retinoid?

Edit: Also, should I be popping new pimples or let them sit?

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My derm has me on it every night but I had previously been on Differin gel for 7 weeks and tolerated it well, even twice a day. So now I'm on Taz and I do apply it OVER moisturizer as under moisturizer seems to irritate me and make me peel like crazy. I'm applying every night over a heavy moisturizer. I did take last night off from Taz, as I wanted calm the peeling down. My skin looks the best it's been since before Christmas, so taz does work. I would follow your derms suggestion and just do it every three nights. Normally you can bump yourself up to every other night as your face get's used to it. I'm also using the cream and it's still powerful enough to kill all the active acne on my face.

Just follow your doc's instructions. If you think you can tolerate more often, then call your derms office and see if it's ok.

One tip: If you have a sensitive eye area, I suggest putting on an eye cream first and letting it soak in, I sometimes get taz near my eyes and it makes them red. So moisturizing puts a nice barrier there.

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I got someting like that, but I found myself very very tolerant to tazorac .05

By the end of the week I was already putting on moisterizer than Taz

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