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Ugh. How awful. I picked at my forehead (again! I NEED to stop).

I got one above my upper lip. I seem to be prone to acne there.

I've noticed a pattern. My mom NEVER shuts up about her doubles tennis. She plays during the week, Mondays, Thursdays I think?

I have been active in tennis since forever, and I love it. I'm really good at it. My mom is HORRIBLE. However she thinks shes amazing. She places last in every tournament, loses every game.

I listen monday nights on how she hates tennis and blah blah blah. Tuesday night is how she is amazing and why its all her doubles partners fault. Wednesday is her game plan. Thursday is her non stop blabber about how her Round Robin went.

Ugh! I break out because I hate it! I tell her to shut up and that I don't really care. It sounds harsh but I have that relationship with my mom that I can tell her that. It shuts her up for a day. Over the weekend my skin clears amazingly!

All of her blabber stresses me out because I begin to hate tennis! My worst fear. Then I break out.

Ugh. Just annoying.

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Ahaha... I had no idea tennis had such an effect on skin.

My mum's like that too. She talks way too much. Just have a nice chat with her and say, "I understand that tennis is important to you, but your constant talk of tennis is really frustrating". Hopefully she'll accept that. =]

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