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So my best buddy from elementary school and I both had mild acne and wanted to get rid of it. The worst that I've ever had were a few pimples on my forehead and nose, sometimes between my nose and upper lip, sometimes a whopper along my hairline. The worst my friend ever had were some reddish spots on her cheeks and really big zits on her forehead. Then again, all of our friends have virtually nonexistent acne so we were dying to treat ours.

Thing is that we have both tried Proactiv and benzoyl peroxide creams a la the DKR. Proactiv did jack for me so I stopped and switched. Now my face is pretty clear, maybe a small zit a week which doesn't bother me. Neither Proactiv or BP cream seem to be working for her, though.

Now I feel that her attitude has changed. She obsessively puts on makeup all the time and is always whipping out a compact to examine her face and powder her nose. She's always comparing her skin to mine and saying that it's not fair that her skin is still so "inflamed and pus-filled." I try to tell her that her acne is actually pretty mild, but then she just gets mad and says that I don't understand her situation. Also, the concealer that she's always caking on is making her break out on her lower cheeks and nose, which makes her put more on, which leads to more zits. I told her (nicely, I thought) that there wasn't any need to put on that much concealer, especially in school where nobody cares that much about looking perfect. Again, ANGER and the whole "You don't understand!" speech. It's also irritating when we go out to eat or shop together and we pass people with nice skin. "Look at that girl, her skin is so perfect, damn I hate her!" I wince a little at that; why hate someone you don't know for something that she was either born with (can't do a thing about that) or worked very hard to maintain?

I guess I really should back off, though, because I can get so envious myself. I don't know why, but at our high school very few people have acne. My friend and I are pretty much the only ones that get inflamed whiteheads that are pretty obvious. And I was pretty shocked to learn that that's considered mild acne! "Mild acne" at my school is like... one zit on your temple near the hairline, or blackheads on your nose, or a little red spot on your cheek.

I really can't help it. I get jealous whenever I see people walk by with perfect skin. I wonder if its my soap or my diet or hell, even the detergent I use to wash my pillows with. I know I shouldn't be complaining because my acne isn't bad at all. But that just makes me feel worse because now I'm feeling guilty on top of feeling jealous.

>___< I know this was probably a wall of text, tl;dr, etc etc. Still, I think my friend and I both need some help overcoming jealousy. It's not just our skin, too: she's always criticizing herself because she's not skinny (not that she's fat, and I do tell her this but she doesn't listen and gets mad. What am I doing wrong?). I'm always self-conscious because I *am* stick-thin and people make fun of my lack of "womanly assets" or call me anorexic.

How do you overcome jealousy? And what tips can you give either of us to help us get over ours?

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Understand that you will never be anyone other than yourself, so to not accept who you are and the things you cannot change is asinine.

And relax :)

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High school is retarded . There is nothing worth contributing to a little society where people go in to study at ages where we are all leaarning about ourselfs and what not. But are forced down education we didn't ask for. And heck Im even going as far as saying we dont need. Its like a little retarded cage where kids are put into and shooken up till everyone gets mad.

Really, retarded? Yeah, high school is so useless, why not just skip straight to college and then get a job. That's what they all say but you can't do anything without high school.

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You shouldn't rag your friend too much for that. You don't know what's going through her head. Sounds a little BDD to me as well.

As for you, I dunno... I'm still working on that one myself. Piroshky's advice was pretty much right on though.

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