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Disappearing threads

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There was quite a big thread in the Adult Acne section called

"Milk and Adult acne in women/men"


it has strangely vanished.

The google cache still exists here

It has not been moved, it is just gone. In fact the topic starter's account (renee_una) has disappeared as well.

Is this normal?

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My guess is the user was a spammer. They are getting more clever every day..

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Has anybody else got the same problem of not being able to retrieve their saved messages due to the fact that their "Inbox" and "New Messages" icon has just disappeared? This problem has only happened in the last 16 hrs.

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Thanks for help , I thought that it was just me having a problem! :wall: Lets hope things get sorted out soon, best wishes to you.

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a lot of threads dissappear because certain mods, one specifically, are dictators when it comes to posting and power hungry and therefore love to constantly use the phrase "thread closed"

i find it unbearable... who chooses the mods anyway? they need some new blood.

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I did a search for renee una, and it appears that ALL of her posts are gone. That means that either she deleted them herself, or she requested that one of the admins delete them all for her.

Spiteful comments notwithstanding, the mods had nothing to do with it. We may close threads and set posts invisible when necessary, but we do not delete anything.

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renee una requested a complete deletion of her account. Under certain circumstances the administrators will oblige but it is not generally done. Just be circumspect in posting, not giving away too much personal information, and you should be just fine.

PS: People who don't understand legal issues and thus object to the handling of certain topics...are just not wise in the ways of the world and obviously do not have any professional work experience - nothing that requires a license, obviously. No medical professional I know would be willing to risk his/her license to practice; a medical professional would lose his/her license if s/he behaved in the way some of you posters recommend.

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