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Bump on Cheek (Cyst) for 8 mo. Getting worse. Please help!!!

eek this is crazy. this thing is actually throbbing according to my pulse. I can see it and feel it throbbing. Has this happened to any of you??

I have never really had cystic acne, but pustular, and I took accutane last year from May 07 to October 07. Since then I have been clear of postular acne but battling scars and red marks.

This bump on my cheek is the first of its kind to last for so long... it would kind of come and go for many months, usually i could feel it when I was in the shower under hot water. I thought it was going for good last month, but now its come back in full force.

I have been using bp as much as possible, and I also have tried using manuka oil, but nothing will make it even remotely feel dry.

I recently bought a 20% light salicylic acid peel (I have experience using jessner's in the past) and i'm thinking about using it over this. Any advice???

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Probably need tot get an injection. Call your Dr. Also ice it to bring down swelling and take iburohen, it is a good anti-inflammitory...don't mess with it.

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i've actually never gotten an injection before, when i needed them the most about 8 years ago, i didn't even know they existed! problem is i'm in a foreign country right now and I have no idea if they do them or I'm not sure i trust the doctor.

It has gone down temporarily though.. For me, in addition to ibuprofrin and ice, slathering on bp seems to help. I know that doesnt help for everybody though. I definitely still feel it, a little dried out on top, but its not flaring anymore and is less noticeable bc its probably buried back down into the skin.

I dont know what triggers it to flare and why it goes back down, and if its ever going to go away bc ive had it since October.......

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Sorry to write a book, but here it is...

I get cysts, especially on the cheek/jaw area.

I never quite know how to characterize my acne - I don't have many breakouts at all, but they tend to be those deep cysts, although pretty small for cysts, they hurt and get really red when I get them. I have never had injections.

I usually have more problems with healing and PIH than the acne itself.

Anyway, about your question; I am currently battling 2 cysts that spread from 2 others that were really short lived, almost like they moved. This is the worst acne I have had in about 2 years. I never have more than 1 cyst at a time!

Anyway I am trying a new way to get rid of them. It seems to be working pretty well and it isn't expensive. It is a bit controversial I am sure, but it seems to be working for me. I am sure my skin will be extra dry though.


I am using DMSO 90% (that is the highest you can use, higher will give you blisters) and natural Tea Tree Oil.

You need to get all natural DMSO, maybe even a lower %, like 50% or something will cause less irritation and may be just as effective.

Make sure that BOTH are free of contaminants, other chemicals, etc.- may be tricky in another country, I don't know where you are or how they label stuff there.

The trick with DMSO is that you have to treat it like surgery and try to be sterile.

DMSO can irritate skin and it carries whatever is on the skin deeper into the skin; this is why you have to be so careful.

You need CLEAN skin, even a topical antibiotic swab or something to make sure it is free of bacteria is a good start (of course that will get carried into the skin too, which I think is not so bad for this purpose).

I am using 1% clyndamiacin solution pads (RX in US).

Then I use a q-tip to apply DMSO to the cysts.

I then use a q-tip to apply Tea Tree Oil right on top.

Then you have to let it sit and not touch anything for a while, because the DMSO will keep absorbing stuff for about an hour I think (look it up online, you will see really mixed opinions about DMSO).

It makes my skin tingle and feel hot and get red for about 1/2 hour and then it calms down (some people get really itchy).

I have been doing it 2x day for 3 days and the skin feels a bit tight, but the cysts are really going down, almost gone.

I hope my skin isn't totally irritated after this, but I had to try something, I am so sick of these things.

Best of luck to you.

I am in the middle of my experiment, so I don't really know the results yet.

I will keep you posted on how well this works long term.

FYI - I use the oil cleansing method with my own concoction of Castor & Jojoba (with a touch of Tea Tree) oils. I moisturize with CSC's (Corrective Skin Care) L-Lime Aid Moisturizer and I also use CSC's Epidermal Growth Factor at night. I use mineral makeup with no yuckies in it.

I have gotten my general routine down to a pretty simple one and other than these damn cysts, the rest of my skin is looking really GREAT!

When there is no breakout I can exfoliate right on top of the oil with a little baking soda. Pretty good for a total product junkie to be using so much homemade stuff that doesn't come in pretty containers.

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The other stuff I do, in case it is relevant to you:

I also take Natural Supplements (I like to get them at Vitacost.com for a good price):

Omega-3 fish oil

Turmeric (Turmericforce)

Organic Liquid Multivitamin (Peter Gillham's)

I have been taking Purivol for a few weeks, I don't know what this is doing yet.

It is basically Zinc, but sold as an acne product.

I think I will do more research on it and see if regular zinc would be the same.

I also take Experia (I like it only 1x day), a cell renewal formula made by Univera.

I use my acnelamp in the evenings, but not everyday.

I have found this to be a good preventative but does little or nothing for current cysts.

I can't tell if it helps healing or not (mine is a red/blue light mix).

I have tried all sorts of other things and not found them useful, this is a good combo for me.

I think I will try the green/white tea supplement made the same company as the Turmericforce.

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Well, I have gotten rid of the cysts as far as I can tell in 3 days - that is pretty awesome!

I don't seem to have dark marks where they were, like I usually do - nice.

But, the whole area is crusty, pink and very dry - not good.

I hope I don't get generalized PIH in that area.

I am trying to sooth and moisturize it now, but I will probably just have to suffer with the big dry patch for a while.

I think my treatment ida of using DMSO has potential, but I was a bit over aggressive.

Maybe I will get a lower % DMSO solution and possibly try a mixture of tea tree with something like aloe to sooth as well; or maybe Neem would be the thing?

Anyway, this works and it doesn't. I may have been treating too often or too much at a time, or just too big of an area all at once.

I will keep you all updated...


I definitely destroyed the cysts in record time, but my skin really suffered.

It is a thin patch of very dry skin like a scab almost (much harder to cover with makeup than the cysts).

I have been healing it pretty quickly with DMSO, colloidal silver, Chamomile & lemon Balm salve (organic).

I do still have the PIH at the sites of the cysts, but not as dark as I would normally. I also have a lot of pink skin around them, not so good. I fear I will have light PIH in a big area.

I just got the silver, so maybe this will help me heal and keep my skin clear. The reports on Colloidial Silver are so varied, I don't know what to think about that.

I also found this thing on the web by a testing agency all about the "fake" colloidial silver solutions on the market.

From all their scientific info I found a good one that is really colloidial silver and is safe, it is made by wellness (30ppm), I found it for sale at Vitacost.com, nice because I already get vitamins there.

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what is DMSO?

however you method sounds really risky. i need to get rid of my cyst bump tho.. been here for a month and keeps getting red/inflamed

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