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i have had some what bad acne for i dont even know how long sometimes my skin is great some times i want to hide at home for weeks.

i dont know if anyone does this but about 6 months or so ago i started getting REALLY bad cysts never had them before and next thing i know there everywhere i could feel them getting bigger they hurt so bad finally i learned to poke them with a needle to drain them but they would come right back but worse.

my boyfriend said get your face hot then cold so i started washing with hot rinsing with cold got a bit better. then i decided to stop using soap on my face when not wearing makeup that helped ALOT!!!!!!! i use a wash cloth on my face and right after spray hot water on my face for a few min then spray cold water for a few min i found doing this a few times per shower ( i shower 2 times a day) would bring up what was ready to pop then i would use a clean needle just so i dont have to push after i find where the pore is i use q tips to pop them ive been doing this for 2 months now and i dont get cysts anymore the ones i had cleared up so fast i find that you should use hot water right after you drain them till the hot doesnt burn anymore than cold water after. i wished i knew this when i first started getting the cysts because popping them with out doing the hot cold makes them come back bad i have really bad scares from the first ones i got but the ones ive gotten since i learn't this trick only last a few day they dont hurt or throb and leave no scars!

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