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How do I treat my condition? :P


So.. Where do I start.. :)


#1 - Yeah, I squeezed it. :whistle: But it was a few months ago.. (and by the way, there's like this small lump inside of my skin.. right where the *scar* is! what is it? some puss?)

#2 - Not my fault. :D I had a medium size pimple (or something like that) right there, but I didn't touch it. So, how did it become like this, you might ask? Well, I was just washing my face and a little watery puss came out, and it's been like this ever since. Actually, I think there still might be some puss inside.. Should I squeeze it? :dance: Just kidding.

#3 - This red mark has been there for a long, long time.. (a few months! maybe even half a year, or so) Anyways.. I squeezed it, too. But I've never had anything like this.. Is it because it's in a sensitive area?

OK, so, how do I treat my condition? :( It would be great if I could treat it within a week or two (is it even possible?), because I have a thing coming up where I have to look good..

Oh, and by the way, I use Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash & sometimes Dalacin T Topical solution (1% Clindamycin)

PS. My skin isn't this red.. it's the lighting. :P



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Gentle exfoliation would be a good start. I'd recommend either a Paula's Choice BHA (generally the gel is better for more people, not the lotion, and the liquid is quite drying for some), OR an AHA product.

You can take a look at the middle link in my signature for glycolic acid product recommendations; those are products that board members have used and liked. There's also mandelic acid, or a topical retinoid (like Retin A or Tazorac). Any of those would provide chemical exfoliation.

Also read the pinned posts at the top of the red marks forum.

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Thank you for replying! I really appreciate it. :)

OK, so, I gonna pick up the Paula's Choice BHA, but which one do I need? 1%, 2% or 8%?

By the way, where should I order it from? Their online store overcharge the shipping big time.

Thank you! :)


Maybe I should just get the same thing you are using? (Avon's Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel)

Which one of those two would work faster?


Oh, and one more thing - Can you say something about Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Facial Peel? It seems like it might be good, too. :)

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