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Was I hit by the Acne Karma

Ok, so until age 19 I basically had skin as clear and smooth as a babys. I am a male so I had a very simple facial routine that took maybe 5 minutes a day tops. Dove Moisturizing soap in the shower when I wake up and before I go to bed. And I only used lotion when my face was flakey. But yeah, both of my parents even now at age 50 plus each have flawless skin. They both look atleast 15 years younger. Only a couple of my friends had acne really. And I was never the guy who made fun of acne or even cared enough to pay attention to other people with acne. One of my friends developed bad acne a couple of year ago when my skin was still flawless, and I never said a word until he came up to me for advice. I never gave him crap for it, when he came up to me for advice on his skin, I just told him the face washes I use and probably be off better seeing a derm. However this other friend had bad acne all his life and I did end up saying something, but heres what happened: Basically I was always a thin person naturally, but went through this phase where I did gain a good 15 pounds and got kinda a chubby. He would always give me crap about my weight gain and throw fat jokes at me, even though I still wasnt anything close to actually being fat. I would then hurdle acne insults back at him. He was one of those computer nerds who always stayed at home even on the weekends. So one insult I made particular was :" maybe your face would clear up a little, if you left your house for once." Or " Atleast Im not the one with bad acne."

Anywas, a while after I started having oily skin and mild breakouts. Although I never had bad acne, it still pissed me off. Was I really hit by karma? I mean if so, shouldnt he get hit by karma as well, because I started breaking out but he never gained weight, lol. Oh well with my trial and error, I am 90 percent close to getting my flawless skin now, but I just wanted some opinions....

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