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Back on the regimen...

okay, so after doing the DKR regimen for about 7 months, my skin was nearly clear,

no more acne, just few red marks on my cheeks and chin. so i stopped the regimen.

of course, the regimen worked wonderfully and kept my skin clear, but i was worried that i was putting too much chemicals on my sensitive skin. i'm in high school, by the way.

and after about 1 month of stopping the regimen, i broke out again. badly. probably not as bad as i was before on the regimen, but acne was definitely kicking back in.

i'm on the regimen again and my acne had calmed down after 3 days.

i'm planning to be on regimen for a while cuz i know it's not like an instant thing.

it's something that you need to do consistently with patience.

however, i do have one concern.

as i could experience, i feel like my skin is being immune to the medication, so if i don't use it, i break out again. that makes me wonder, then " do i have to be on the regimen for my whole entire life in order to stay clear?"

then think about how much of those benzoyl peroxide you are putting on your delicate skin.

and it builds up to the point where you can't live without the benzoyl peroxide or any other acne medication and always have to depend on it to stay acne-free. that idea scares me.

i'm one of those people who like to stay as natural as possible.

i use natural&organic shampoo and tooth paste, and such..

so any idea?

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I don't think you can be immune to BP. In my experience, it has always been off and on for several years, sometimes one or two years in between. I've always had some sort of chemical reaction to BP which is usually skin peeling.

The reason why your skin is breaking out is not because you're not using BP. If that is the case everyone with or without acne should be on BP to not to have acne. I know people that never had to use BP.

The main reason is that you have bacteria that causes acne or unclogged pores. That's concrete reason and there is no mystique to acne. For acne prone people, they need to use BP often. So you should maintain using BP if you have acne prone skin.

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I have basically the same concerns. There is no way I intend to stay dependent on this for the rest of my life, especially since I much prefer organic treatments and products.

That is entirely too time consuming. I just can't picture being 50 and still applying BP to my face every night.

It would be nice if people who have been successful came back years later to tell us if they've had to keep going with it.

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You can try to slowly get off it, like how you slowly started on it. Like you can start reducing the amount you use and the frequency slowly until you are completely off. Thats how I got off my other products that I used to use.

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