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pegasus msu

Accutane Thoughts (not a log) - just not good w/ updates :)


I'm 28, female and was pretty tired of acne. I have combination skin, mildly oily in T-zone (especially my nose) buy my cheeks are, actually, fairly dry. Maybe once a year would I have a deep pimple, but mostly I would get whiteheads popping up during the day at work, my face may wake up clear in the morning, but when i check the mirror throughout day, invariably I'd see one or more of those little whiteheads. It was embarrassing for me at work, that was why I pushed for Accutane. I just felt like I looked around and people younger than me and my age, were not dealing with this problem, which I had been, mild though it is, since age 14. The week of my 28th birthday, I had an appointment for a new dermatologist, brought my records and pleaded with her and she agreed.

Apart from the 14 years of acne I dealt with, I was mostly tired of spending money on various treatments. Not just on over the counter products, but part of me thinks the medical industry wants to keep selling you their products, keep signing you up for more office visits, but that's just my conspiracy theory. Anyway, if I figured it out, what I spent in a year, let alone 14 years, on cosmetics and over the counter and prescription treatments, probably would have paid for 10 course of uninsured accutane. It's not hard to see why the acne biz is a 2.6 billion dollar industry.


It's been three weeks since I've been on Clarivis (Accutane competitor). I selected Claravis because it was the difference between a 60$ and a 30$ copay. 60 mgs/day

I scanned the logs like crazy, but have yet to run across anyone who has had the same first 3 weeks as me. My skin has been clear since day 3 and I've had no break outs. I have the dreaded chapped lips, but other than that no noticeable dryness. Now, I wasn't too oily to begin with, so maybe that's why. I'm not sure what kind of acne I have, if it's hormonal or not, but I am going into my fourth week and i'm kinda hoping this is how it stays. My doctor advised I would need only 2 months, 3 at most. I'd be really interested in hearing from anybody who had a similar start.

I also just want to credit all the individuals who take the time to track their progress and share their photos on this site. There are not many medications which are subject to such scrutiny from the people who are actually taking it, and that's important. On the flip side, in the few weeks before i got the go ahead to begin the treatment reading these logs made me nervous to begin, additionally when I finally did start, I felt I was hypersensitive to any sensation I was feeling and wanted to correlate it with the drug. So, I hope all individuals who read these blogs and are considering treatment or are on the treatment, take them with a grain of salt.

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