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PF Questions - I'm in a funk... :(

Hi, All:

I'm a fellow PF'er (fungal)... LOL! Although, I'm laughing here, I'm really actually in a complete funk and looking for some major inspiration and hope... This is affecting me mentally and my relationship because this stuff is apparently contagious so, again, any inspiration/hope/advice is greatly appreciated... :)

Here's my story in summary; then, I've followed it up by some questions I'd love responses to... I know there are a lot but, again, any responses are greatly appreciated...

I moved from Colorado to FL in August 2007... Everything was fine until one day LITERALLY out of nowhere in January 2008 I got a case of the oh so fun PF... I've had it ever since then and it's the worst thing I've ever encountered in my life... It's the most unpredictable and frustrating crap... I would honestly rather be missing a limb than have this stuff... I'm sure many of you can relate... Even more irritating after reading all of these posts is the initial Dermatologist I went to never took a skin biopsy and just looked at it telling me it was PF but never determined which type (bacterial or fungal) and put me on antibiotics, which made it worse because months later a Dermatologist finally did a biopsy and discovered it was fungal. Ugh!

I've been on 200mg of Ketaconolzole for a couple of weeks and have seen some improvment... Additionally, I've been using Prop. Gly., the ZNP bar, BP wash, Nizoral, and Gold Bond powder for a few weeks with so-so improvement... I change my sheets and towels everyday, etc...


1) I see a lot of comments about PF flaring up in humid weather as my Dr. has told me the same thing. I'm guessing most of you posting here live in humid climates? Reason being is I'm hearing that in a dry climate people mention it pretty much disappears... I never had this when I lived in Colorado so I can guess this thing thrives in humidity. Has anyone experience PF going away in a dry climate and, if so, once you went back to humidity did it come right back? My dermatologist in FL is one of the best (studied at the Cleveland Clinic, etc.) and I even asked him if it would be beneficial for me to go back to Colorado for a month to let this thing heal and believe it or not he said YES??!! So, please let me know if any of you have experienced this going away when you went to a dry climate and if it came back when you went back to humidity.

2) I'm very active and have not worked out in two months because when I get hot and sweaty this thing flares up, which is apparently common according to other posts. So, can I never go out in the heat or get hot or work out again? I need some hope here... I shower immediately after my workout but it still flares up regardless... I'm literally petrified to work out ever again...

3) Why does sweat aggravate PF?

4) Does Ketaconolzole work for everyone? How long does it take for the pills to kick in and see a difference? I'm athletic and about 200lbs... Should my 200mg dose be upped or is 200mg the max because of the side effects it can have on the liver ?

5) Are there other anti-fungal oral medication that tends to work better than Ketaconozole? Has anyone had experiences where Ketaconozole pills didn't work but other orals did?

6) I know we all have fungus and bacteria on our skin but will PF always be a problem and never ever go away? Again, this is really putting me in a funk because I've had it now for four months and have only seen "so-so" improvement...

7) For those of you who are in relationships, is PF an issue with your relationships? If this is contagious, how are we supposed to be intimate??? PF has killed the intimacy in my relationship over the past couple of months and it's taking a toll on us.... My Dermatologist is good but he told us both not to worry about it and it's not contagious and, of course, when my face touched my wife's face, she ended up getting PF on her face... Luckily, because of me already having it we obviously knew right away it was fungal so I gave her the Ketaconazole cream and it cleared it up quickly for her but, again, he said it was ok and not contagious yet I've read (and eventually learned) here that, in fact, it's contagious... So, again, how have any of you handled it in your relationships?

8) If all else fails, does Accutane help "cure" this? Note: I'm using the word "cure" loosely... And, if so, how does Accutane work?

I'm sure I have more questions but those are the burning ones... :) ... Thanks again in advance!!!!

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