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Off to a REALLY bad start...

Well I didn the regime for 2 days...

I used:

biore shine reducing face wash

panoxyl gel 5%

simple moisturiser

And I had to phone I sick to work as my face is a total mess! I cannot leave the house, I am bright red, really sore and tight, cracked and peeling. My skin really burns and is very sore when I apply moisturiser too??

Is it meant to be this bad?? Is this what I have to persevere with because I just don't think I can??

I have read alot of bad things on the forum about panoxyl so I have decided to stop using it, let my skin heal a bit and will start again with Dan's treatment, which I just ordered.

I think I might need a different moisturiser too?!?

Any help or advice would be great, I feel so down and upset!

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Don't worry about it, quistis! A friend of mine was prescribed a 5% Panoxyl cream; I've never seen a face so red in my entire life. Needless to say, he didn't use it again and was back to normal after a day or two. :)

I would definitely recommend ordering the DKR Starter Kit. I've been using it for several days now with no problems at all. As long as you remember to start off with a small amount of benzoyl peroxide - and gradually work your way up to the full amount - you'll be fine!

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