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Dead Sea Salts and Minerals for Acne

My boyfriend bought me a face peel and a salt mineral scrub from a brand named Etre, he said some guy at the mall sold it to him. He's not the kind to buy random things, he said the products looked promising. I looked it up online, they're supposed to be really good filled with minerals from the Dead Sea, just wondering if anyone's heard of these products or tried them....thanks

Here's a little from their website:

"Discover natural beauty…from the very source. When it comes to bringing out the beautiful, radiant glow naturally within you, there is no better source than the pure salts and minerals from the Dead Sea.

We welcome you to explore our unique line of facial peels, masks, moisturizers, scrubs and nail and body care. Each is of the highest cosmetic quality, and of course, brings you the legendary beautifying power of pure salts and minerals extracted from the Dead Sea."

"Since ancient times, the legendary Dead Sea has been sought for its rejuvenating, healing, and transforming properties. In fact, the beautiful Cleopatra herself is said to have regained her youth by basking in the miraculous powers of the Dead Sea’s salts and minerals. Today, there is just one source for the largest, original collection of Dead Sea skin care and beauty products – Etre,. Etre’ is the largest and most complete line of Dead Sea products available."


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ha ha! I didn't think of it that way, in the beginning of the relationship that probably would be weird, but I've been with him for over 6 years, we're way passed that, he's my best friend and everything. These products caught his attention cause lately I've been trying to use more natural products. He knew if I was there with him, it would be something I would probably buy (I temporarily live in San Diego, he lives in LA) anyway, he liked it so much he even bought some for himself and he already has gorgeous skin! :evil:

Surfa67, let me know how your daughter likes the products! I used the peel yesterday, and I really liked it, but I want to give it more time..keep me posted please and I'll do the same.

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Thank you. In the beginning there was no way I'd let him see me without makeup, but now he rarely sees me with makeup on lol. How things change.... :angel:

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Just an update, I've been using the salt scrub on my face and even though its meant for the body, I notice my skin reacting well to it. Since the grains of salt are pretty big, I just barely "scrub" my skin with them so that they barely touch, and I leave them on for about 5 minutes. It smells so good! The salt crystals are suspended in oil, it doesn't break me out (knock on wood!). The oils and extracts in which the salts are suspended are safflower seed oil, algae extract, beet root extract, camellia oleifera leaf, cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract, honey extract, macrocystis pyrifera extract, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, apple fruit extract, jojoba seed oil, soluble collagen, and grape seed oil.

The of it is: Lait et Miel Dead Sea Mineral Scrub, Milk and Honey

So far I've noticed that my skin is less oily, and seems to help with red marks, but still too soon to tell, since I've only used it 3 times....I'll see how it goes.

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