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My parents will never understand the hardships of acne. They try their best to understand but they just can't. My accutane was working for me a weak in. I never expected such dramatic reactions within a week. But the side effects got the best of me and I had a problem with my eye. Went to the eye doctor, and he said its related to the accutane. Now my mom won't ever let me go near that stuff. Totally sucks, cause now im freaking out that I have to deal with acne even longer!! Then she brings over a family friend who also is a doctor. He's not even a dermatologist but he tells me all the wrong things! He tells me NOT to use soap because it is too strong. I tell him i use cetaphil which is basically as gentle as water. He says the only soap I should use is Ivory. Which makes me dry... Then he says use aloe vera and clean it with an alcohol swab on open spots. Obviously alcohol scars...and he tells me not to worry, that its all hormones. I'm just at the "teenage" age where my hormones are all out of whack. He tells me to wait a year or two and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. In my head im like what the heck?!?!? I suffered with this for 4 years and now you're telling me to wait 2 more years? and you tell me not to worry?!?!? how the hell do you know if it will go away. he says he had acne so bad that he didnt have a spot on his face wher eit was clear. now if you look at my acne it is BAD. i mean SEVERE. he tells me mines not even 1/3 of his but he says look at his face now. it was clear and no scars or anything so i didn't believe him. how could he have acne so severe and not even a single scar?!?!? obvioiusly he is lying but he covers it up by saying acne doesn't ever leave scars. its made of a different tissue? like wtf?!?!?! are u sure u even deserve ur P.H.D?!?!?!?!? GOD I HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!

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Alright, so this is going to sound insane but... My friends mom took her to a physic, yes someone who reads the future, and she said that she was allergic to all dairy products. She claimed that it would make the few blemishes she had go away. Well my friend has been suffering without dairy and her acne has gotten worse!

I don't know what to say other than parents can be butts sometimes!! Acne is a nasty thing and It seems like they don't understand

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