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i came home, kind of down about my skin but had no worries because i was coming back to my moms house from being at my dads.

this weekend was kind of full of events thats just happen to be bad timing.

i got a new zit over the weekend and it came to a head really fast.

when i got home i pointed it out to my mom, who has got quite addicted to picking and poking some of my pimples.

She wanted to see if it would come out and i told her i just wanted to wait for it to fall out because i picked one like it before school had started this year and i got a huge gynormous thing on my cheek and i didnt want it to happen again. well she chased me around the house then kind of put pressure on it and some what of it came to head, but i was scared because there is a thick underlayer under the skin and i didnt want to tamper with it. so finally she ended up she pushing the whole thing out and it became a mess. now its red and a little swollen and i got a little over dramatic and things, and the build up over the last few weeks and the weekend, and finally that was my breaking point. i started crying and stuff my mom came back out asked if i was mad at her i kind of vented then she got upset because shes been going through ALOT these past few months and she told me to stay away from her because she didnt want to mess anything else up and now i hate myself for just being so immature and rash over the situation i should of just sucked it up and now im venting and i feel bad and i want to go and hug my mother because i love her to much, and obviously im dumb at showing it because i tend to take things out on her.. and yeah..

end of story.

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No, honey, you're not dumb. I think the issue lies in boundries: i.e, your mother not having proper ones. If she has to CHASE you, then it should be obvious that you do not want to be touched. I never EVER let anyone touch my blemishes, (and people have asked, even the the hubby and once my sister - I always say "No.") and if someone insisted, I would be highly offended at their rudeness.

Maybe you should sit down with your mother and talk to her about the fact that when it comes to touching your skin, you are the boss and no means no??? I think you have plenty of reason to be upset about this whole thing and that you shouldn't be feeling guilty about it.

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Well the thing is, i let her poke my impuraties and things like that all the time, so its not like she tried to do it out of the blue. She saw that that pimple was causing me pain, and she just simply wanted to fix(as a mother would want to do) it is all so i wouldnt hurt emotionally anymore.

We talked and its all worked out, we both were rash and like mother and daughter we made up. Haha. But thank you so much for the advise and next time if shes crossing my boundries ill have a little talk with her((:

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