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What to look for in an SPF moisturizer?

Looking outside I realize it's spring/summertime, and as awesome as that is (I've already worn out my legs with my many bike rides) that also means that the big bad sun is out to get our sensitive skin. So, me being a once a day moisturizer guy i am, I am now looking for a moisturizer that can double (or at least help with) as a sunscreen.

So I've got a few questions:

1) What SPF should i be looking for in a moisturizer with SPF?

2) What ingredients should i be checking for? What's good? Bad? What brands are the best and worst?

3) Are there any moisturizers we know are great already and i should just seek out?

To help narrow it down, I want something i can wear all the time like i do right now with my moisturizer. Quick drying, not shiny or anything, basically I can't even tell its on except for the fact that my skin isnt dry and it looks nice and healthy.

Thanks all, enjoy the sun.

(Even though the sun is supposedly destroying our skin and it's evil, don't let that lock you inside this summer, I'd rather get a nasty sunburn having the funnest outdoor time ever than be too scared to ever step out)

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bump, the sooner i figure this out, the sooner i can purchase the stuff and the sooner i can start saving my skin :P

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Make sure you get a sunscreen that has either titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or avobenzone. Without one of these three ingredients it won't matter what the spf is because it won't protect you from UVA rays which are the silent killers. I use neutrogena ultra sheer face sunscreen at spf 45 and it's working great. Doesn't break me out or make my feel too oily and it has avobenzone in it. Apparently if the sunscreen has at least one of those 3 ingredients then it provides adequate protection.

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I have rather fair skin, and SPF 15 works fine for me on my face. As I always recommend for anyone looking for an SPF moisturizer, my day-to-day moisturizer is Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15. Aveeno is the only brand of SPF moisturizer I've had experience with and it works fantastic for me.

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