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Anyone kno how to get rid of Cyst scars??

yes i have cyst scars on my nose,

like when the cyst's were big to long and once they went away the skin never realy went all the way down

i still have average cyst size bumps on my nose and there seems to be nothing in them cause i can push on them and they are soft and nothing seems to be under them,

i kno after time they will go down and stuff but i was wondering if there is something i can put on them??

i had one on my cheek that took years to go away it was a inch and a half in diameter and was super hard and big, i can still feel it under my skin where it finaly went down all the way , just acouple months ago it was still ppretty big and had a head on it and i tryed to pop it and it was nasty it wasent filled with nothing, it was like jello blood in it, and it hurt to pull out i couldent squezze it out i had to pull it out , it looked like red jello i was pulling out but after i got it out i soaked the cyst in alchol and stuff and it finaly pretty much went all the way down an has been all the way down since.

but these arent like that there seems to be nothing in them there just raised skin i think

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Yeah, i have this same problem, except I didn't want to touch it after having bad experiences... mine doesn't hurt or anything, its just there... and sometimes it goes flat then it raises up

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