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One more for the BP/free radical talk


1) BP releases oxygen, which kills P.acnes bacteria while also generating free radicals; AND

2) P.acnes thrives in anaerobic (w/o oxygen) environments, such as our clogged, acne-prone skin.


a) the BP is merely replacing the oxygen that can't get into our clogged pores (but that does get into the pores of those without acne-prone skin) AND;

b) the BP is not creating any extra free radicals - it allows our pores to get as much oxygen (and oxygen free radical damage :)) as those without acne-prone skin.

This is simplistic, I know, but maybe someone more knowledgeable can comment. Thanks.

FYI: I have used BP -usually 5-10%- regularly (2x/day) for about 10-11 of the 13+ years I have had acne, and I have yet to notice any permanent damage. I'm in my late twenties and I have no premature wrinkles, etc., so it makes me wonder about all the premature aging claims. *BTW, what is considered premature aging - 20s, 30s?* I have experienced the temporary "wrinkling" around my eyes when I overdo it and dry out my skin, but these are not real wrinkles and they aren't permanent. Wrinkling is a rarity in my family (both sides) despite lack of sunscreen use and living in a tropical climate, and I'm thinking genetics is the biggest factor affecting wrinkling. But who knows, maybe the wrinkling will appear in my early thirties.

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Guest jff1986

BP only briefly releases oxygen, then it converts into benzoic acid (so I've read). It doesn't cause premature aging/cancer/etc.

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