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What's been working for me.

It's simple really. I've had some mild to moderate body acne for about 10 months now. Most of the time I'd make the mistake of looking at it in the mirror and occasionally picking at it. Well about 3 weeks ago I decided to just stop letting it bother me by never looking at it or feeling my back or anything like that.

But of course, last night I got curious and I wanted to see how it was looking after three weeks of leaving it alone. To my surprise, it looked incredibly better. I was pretty shocked because I hadn't changed up my diet or anything like that. I still have a mixed diet of eating healthy and indulging on fast food and soda :)

Besides taking my mind off of it, I've also been showering with a Cetaphil antibacterial bar daily. That probably had a good bit to do with the improvement.

But yeah, I'd usually have some fairly big and painful zits (not cystic however) and now I'm just down to having a few small ones and marks that are fading.

If I continued to keep it off of my mind and wash with an antibacterial bar along with taking on a low-GI diet for a month, I think it would be possible for me to eliminate this little problem.

So my advice is to just keep it covered and keep your mind on other things. Worrying about it and letting it stress you out only makes the condition worse, and when you pick at the zits and rub your hand all over your back you're spreading a ton of bacteria everywhere.

However, if you've got a serious case like cystic acne, you should probably go to a dermatologist for evaluation and possibly Accutane or antibiotics. Personally, I'm not too big on the idea of taking antibiotics for acne. I might just be paranoid but I think dermatologists will never tell you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and diet to treat it because that wouldn't promote the sales of medicine.

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