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Soooo Hello all(:

I kind of have this need to let out, and so here it is for the world to see.

I simply feel like my dad judges me, thinks poorly of me, because i have acne.

He treats my sister like royalty(she doesnt have acne at all) and me... im just there.

My sister lives in west virginia where she goes to college. Im just a freshman in highschool. But still, i feel like everytime i come over i feel that 'i wish i had a different daughter than her' vibe. He constantly puts me down, and hes a very...lets say...complicated person. He tries very hard to hurt my mom through me because he knows if he hurts me my mom will hurt. (they are split up and in fact never got married, and i live with my mom and i visit my dad everyother weekend)

I love my mom very much, i know for a fact she has never judged me. Shes always been the one that says "Just be yourself SarahKate, they will love you."

And shes been my strength all this time. And plus she has spent thousands of dollars to help my skin when she doesnt have the money to use. But on the other hand... my dad who is a rich tard who could of afforded to retire like 30 years ago can definatley afford things for my skin but refuses it. Plus refuses to help me with my needs and tells me to get my mom to get it for me. Like during the winter.. i didnt have a coat and so i asked him if we could go get one he got mad at me because i didnt have a coat and started going on how christmas was coming and he wasnt going to get one and i had to wait and blahblahblah. During one of my stages in 6th grade he kept bothering me about dressing better, ccaring for myself, and would constantly show me videos on how important it was to dress better etc. etc. Okay, so in 7th grade when i finally tried to clean up my act and myself image he would refuse to take me out shopping. Its like.. Okay dad, you want me to dress better. How the fuck am i suppose to dress better without any clothes? Hmm? Eventually i had to start stealing money from his wallet(which is sooo bad but i was desperate and my mom couldnt afford anything at the time and in fact we still struggle) Anyways i totally got off track but i dont really care, i need to vent to someone other than my mother who takes so much pain for me.

uhhmmm yeah, i think im done now =D

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dont make up a reason that he is this way to you....

its not your acne...its him.

im sorry you have had to deal with this.

God has given you a loving mother...

be strong.

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My dad is like that too. Seriously..it is not you..it's his problem :(. I know it is tough, but love yourself.

I hope everything will be better for you and your mom very soon :)

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Maybe just stop seeing your dad if he is causing you this much upset.

its shit and unfair on you yes, but if he realises that his behaviour means that he will lose you then maybe he will clean up his act a bit. And if he doesn't, then at least you dont have to deal with his crap anymore!!

Im sorry you are have a bad relationship with your dad. It must be horrible.

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I agree...my dad is a lot like that as well and when i moved away our relationship improved a lot. Maybe your dad had a rough childhood and wasn't loved so now he doesn't know how to show love? Parents are just people and have their own problems to deal with, it's not you. Hang in there and love the person you are:)

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Like others said, don't let your dad's insecurities/issues appear as a reflection of yourself, when it's just issues he must deal with. I'm sorry your dad's kind of a jerk, but take solace in the fact that your mom is great. Some people are just are who they are, as I'm sure you know, so if it's really an issue to you, tell him. He's an adult, he can take such a complaint, and if he can't, then he's not worth it.

Hope you guys can work this out and come out of it better people.

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Hi, I'm probably not the best one to give advice, but I agree with what these guys are saying. I think that maybe talking to your dad about this might help...but always remember to try not to let what your father says or how he behaves towards you cloud how you feel about yourself.

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yeah well, ive been dealing with him all my life.

and i dont think not seeing him would do anything. he wouldnt care one bit as long as it doesnt affect his self image of his peers.

And no he didnt have a rough childhood really. His dad was a drunk but was hardly ever home, and his mother was a wonderful mother to him. He also had his sister on his side.

I mean he could put me through hell right before my dance class(which has happened before) and i would go in and dance like nothing was wrong, and still put it in my 110 percent, though it would be on my mind the whole time. But sometimes.. over time it really gets to your mind, his insecurites and all.

And yes, i have tried to comfront him. 3 hours talk and none of it got to his brain. So yes i have tried over and over again. He simply doesnt want to hear the truth.

So heres a little story.

I was having one of my worst breakdowns ever over my acne, to where i was crying my eyes out, sitting on the bathroom floor banging my head against my sink cabinet.

My mom came in and saw me, and she wanted my dad to know what i was going through so she called him and said "Your daughter is sitting on the floor in her bathroom, smashing her head against the cabinet, and saying over and over again how she wants to just scratch her face off. you need to talk to her" so i get the phone and he asks me whats going on. i try to tell him and he goes "huh? i cant hear you speak clearly into the phone." so i tried over again alot more clear and louder so he oculd hear and he goes "what? speak clearly" so i tried again and i was in mid sentence when he goes "huh?!" so i got so frustrated i tossed the phone and just continued on with my breakdown.

He did it on purpose because he didnt want to have to do anything about it.

One time i had a 106 fever. My mom of course couldnt afford the ambulance, or to take me to the hospital so she called my dad. She explained the situation and my symptoms and he wanted to talk to me. He asked me what was the matter, i told him. he asked again. i told him. he asked again. i told him. I mean how many times do i have to tell him what is going on? I have a 106 fever. simple enough, get your ass over here and take me to the hospital. Over a 105 temperature and you can die, or get brain damage.

He doesnt want to do anything that he doesnt feel like doing. Simple enough im guessing.

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Some parents just suck.

I'm sorry you have to go through this, sweetie. :comfort: That is incredibly selfish and cruel of him to do. Whatever his reasoning; feeling overwhelmed, bad childhood, whatever; that still doesn't justify his treatment of you. Try and get comfort from your mother, since he seems to be a lost cause.

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its hard but people like that are nothing but bad for your life, its true that a lot of the insecurities and negative personality tics come from your parents.

stay away from the bozo, people like that ened to learn for themselves maybe that day will come when you are older and he realies what a fool he is

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