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non comedogenic moisturizers

i know most moisturizers SAY they are noncomedogenic, but apparently a lot of the waxes used can become comedogenic under certain conditions... like high humidty, or the high heat generated during exercise.

so far i have not been able to find a SINGLE moisturizer that didnt contain atleast one of these ingredients




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I have a problem with every moisturizer Ive used too. I dont moisturize at all anymore. Its been a few weeks since I stopped using moisturizer. My face is slightly dry and slightly itchy but I can live with that. Id rather have that than oily broken out skin.

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In my experience, no. All moisturizers break me out for one reason or another. Emu,jojoba, walnut, proactive, neutrogena, purpose and on and on....could b worth checking out the no washing thread in the holistic personal regimens thread. This way ur not drying your skin in the first place and wont need moisturizer...workin 4 me so far!

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Sorry, but the no-washing thing makes me cringe a little. Good luck though..

That comedogenic-ingredient list is good as an overall general guide. However, not all ingredients labeled as a "5'' will be bad for your skin. Certain comedogenic ingredients can be diluted by the skin care manufacturer using ingredients such as propylene glycol. Also, the concentration of the comedogenic ingredient varies in each product. For example, Isopropyl Esters are normally very comedogenic when undiluted, but are non-comedogenic when used in small concentrations. This doesn't apply to all ingredients, but it's important to understand the effects of dilution and the concentration of the ingredient.

Not all but most moisturizers will contain at least one "bad" ingredient. Look at the ingredients list and pay close attention to make sure the comedogenic ingredients are down at the bottom of the list, making it more likely that the ingredient was used in small concentrations. If that still doesn't work for you, try looking at alternative moisturizers such as pure hyaluronic acid, emu oil, or squalane.

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