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Anyone using azelaic acid (Azelex, Skinoren etc)?

My family doctor prescribed it to me. I actually haven't come across it before, but the more I read, the more I think its a very good fit for me:

- It is antibacterial

- It slows down the growth of keratin - something I think lies at the root of my problem because I always have lots of tiny white stuff sticking out of my pores

- It is relatively non-irriating

- It is non-toxic, something important to me because I'm somehow scared of the really severe chemicals

- It fades the red hyperpigmentation marks

- It can be used in the summer

Some possible downsides

- It itches/stings on inital application

- Possible facial hair growth - well my body hair is really fine and luckily very blonde, so even if this does happen, perhaps it won't be too bad!

What do other people think? How are you finding it? Have you used it before?

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I have been using it for about a month a now and i love it...i did not get any stinging at all so it just feels like a super light lotion... and i love the fact that it does not cause photosensativity cause im a tan addict haha :)

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It certainly looks impressive on paper. I'm really hoping it'll help me.... and some of the reviews have been amazing! So has it made you clear? What kind of skin did/do you have?

My problems are mostly tons of little bumps, clogged pores and then usually one inflammed mega-pimple-whitehead on the go, which will then leave a red/brown mark for the next 6 months. Oh and blackheads.....

Fingers crossed! I pick it up from the pharmacy tomorrow. :pray:

I'm going to be using skinoren 20% cream.

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umm i dont have a problem with blackheads but i do get those little skin colored bumps on forehead and i mostly get the inflammed pimples only a couple at a time...since i have been using it i have not had any of those inflamed ones... but im also taking amoxicillin so maybe that is why... but it seems to be helping with red marks but im not sure since i tan alot...which makes them stay longer.. good luck with it!

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Skinoren is good enough to make your skin looking paler... Maybe it has little antibactertial action, i'm not sure in it)) I didn't remark that skinoren unclogs pores. Unfortunately)

I'd used it last summer but I gave up soon...

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