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some little suggestions....

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Just some little suggestions for the site.....

Is is possible to have the search function linked to google? I mean, basically use the google search thing to just search this site? I've seen it on some other BBs and its great. Because the search option that is on here at the moment is abit frustrating.....

Also, I noticed that the links to the 'read the full story' bit don't work....such as:


And then the link is dud. Or at least where I am it is!

Also, I think that the mechanism of action with azelaic acid is actually that it slows the renewal process, or at least, thats what wikipedia says. And which can't always be trusted I know.

I'm not certain which one of you is right through.


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We're actually looking into the google search now, but I think it might be super expensive for us because we have so many searches and they charge a ton if you don't have ads. I refuse to have ads. But a better search, google or otherwise, is definitely on our list.

Also, thanks for the broken link catch. I will attend to it.

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I think the search should be like the other type of board where you get the option of searching message and title, or title only, by user ___, etc...

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Ad-free is the way to go. Plus, can you imagine the dodgy ads that'd come up? Plus I wouldn't want anyone of us to be lured into some con/miracle/snake oil- type sites under the pretence of getting clear skin.

I generally find searches really useful in looking for particular information, like all the posts related to azelaic acid for instance. Chances are, someone else has asked the same question.

Anyhoo, great site nonetheless!

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