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hey everyone im a 29 year old male who started accutane last week(4/27/08). i have had pretty bad acne on my back since im about 15 and felt it was time to do something radical about i. i really appreciate this site and after reading a lot of your journals i decided to give it a shot. i have some questions that i would love some feedback on

1)my face has been pretty clear for a couple of years and i was wondering what will happen to my face now while im on it

2)i really want to try to get into the best shape of my life during this process and im worried about possible complications with muscle and joint aches with weighlifting, what do you guys think

3) whats the deal with alcohol

thanks a lot for your feedback and i will definitely keep in touch with this community

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I can only answer your third Q.

My derm said not to touch alcohol at all but I know people who have drank while taking tane. One person was copletely fine and the other got drunk really quickly and suffered with a bad hangover and a breakout afterwards.

So I guess its an individual thing. But it wouldnt be recommended.

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Question 2: I started Accutane during my swim season and I was good throughout the whole thing. For the past few months I've been training for two upcoming triathlons this summer. I also lift 3 times a week. At first, I had some joint pain. This was just the first few weeks of the course though. After that, I been pain free. I feel great, especially because I'm almost done with my course. Good luck with yours.


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