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silicone scar sheets

Sorry about my ignorance....but what types of scars are these things for? Do they actually work? I tried searching the boards and googling, but I just don't get it.

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Hi ms. brightside..(your username makes me smile :D ) No ignorance in asking ..its all a big learning experience over here :) Over a long period of time, silicone scar sheets supposedly soften and flatten raised scars. If used on indented (atrophic) scarring they can actually inhibit Collagen formation, sooo...if you have indented scars these are a big no no.

On a side note: before i knew otherwise, I tried the silicone sheets on my indented scars for a couple of weeks..they poofed out the skin around my scars making my indented scars appear deeper.. :( fortunately, it was only temporary.

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I've done quite a bit of research on this. I've written everything down in my thread. You could check it out, it starts getting interesting at post 29. But I'll try to sum it up because it's a lot to read.

There appears to be some controversy regarding silicone sheets. But they supposedly do the following things:

- Lower raised scars.

- Shorten the time a new scar is red.

- Reduce redness in older scars.

- Reduce itching.

- Make scars less tight.

=Blythe=, I've never heard of them inhibiting collagen production. If it's true, it's actually bad news for me, since I've started applying a silicone gel (which functions the same as a sheet) to my scar, since a couple of days.


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ive seen some of the women in here chatting bout theses silicon sheets to put on top of scars,,,

i might try too as its embarassing really at work etc...

so they dont work on dents then ,,,, sigh

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