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Knot in my skin after pimple went away

On the left side of my face I had one of those really uncomfortable pimples that is underneath the surface of the skin. It went away, but it left a knot in my skin. I don't think it's noticeable, but I'd like to get rid of it if possible. Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with this?

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Guest jff1986

Aye a knot.. I had something like that twice, once on my chin and the other on my neck. It's like the skin heals on top of the pimple so you're left with an non-inflamed ball under the skin. Mine went away after a month.

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I've only had that happen to me once (thankfully!). I never get cysts or nodular breakouts, however I did have one inflamed spot on my jawline that turned into a pea-sized lump deep under the skin and wouldn't go away (I had it for a few months). It was too far under for my esthetician to extract, so I went to a derm/cosmetic surgeon. He was able to extract the deep core after applying a local anesthetic. He used cortisone on it afterwards as well. It took another month or so to flatten out and then another month for the slight indent from the cortisone to go away, but it did go away without any scarring. It hasn't come back either (its been about 9 months since I had it extracted).

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