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Retisol-A + Sunscreen?

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I've been on Stievamycin mild gel on and off for years (at night) and I've always put sunscreen on in the morning since to protect my pale face. Just recently I've been put on Retisol-A as well, applied in the morning, so I'm confused as to whether or not I can put sunscreen over top of it without interfering with it... I've heard that Retisol-A might have SPF in it, if anybody can confirm this then I guess I don't need any sunscreen.

Stievamycin has always given me this splotchy light tan which is annoying considering that my neck is whiter than white and I don't want it to get any worse considering that summer is approaching quickly here and now I'm on two things that will make my skin photosensitive.

Oh, and I use Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen.

Thanks for any help!! ^_^

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im confused, you are on stievamycin which is tretenion and ethromycin... and then he told you to use retisol a along with this, which is just another tretenoin? what is the point/reasoning for that??? why use 2 different tretenoins? i understand adding bp or something else but why the same med just without the antibiotic?

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I don't know, I'm not a dermatologist.

The Stievamycin has always kept the acne at bay, but never done anything else with skin tone evening and scar fading which is I guess what the Retisol-A is for since it has a much higher percentage of tretinoin in it. I'm guessing it is just a way to increase the tretinoin without changing the meds, since the Stievamycin has always worked for me.

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Even the mild stuff is highly drying for me. It also doesn't help that I live a mile above sea level and the air is bone dry.

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