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I've been coming on these forums for a few years now, gotten a lot of great info from people by just reading through but I thought I'd stop in for a question or two this time around.

I'm 24, had acne since I was 16. I tried a variety of treatments but never pushed to use accutane - I think I was actually my own worst enemy for a few years using the wrong moisturizer. Eventually I found a happy median with some combination BP/Antibiotic gel that the derm gave me, along with using the very gentle Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil lotion.

I've experimented with a couple of different cleansers since then and both have caused break-outs. The reason for the experiments is because my face never feels completely clean, for example; when I shower in the morning I can scratch off a white residue from my face AFTER washing my face. A few hours after a shower my face feels heavy and thick, typically loaded with oil on my forehead and around my nose.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with toners. I also read something about using jojoba oil and a variety of other oils to help cleanse your face but I'm weary about substituting this in for my cleanser.

Any advice for my thick, oily skin with a strange residue?:)

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same here, i just finished taking a bath after cleansing and i have all this white residue all over the place. Man it is annoying. Also my skin is very greasy but after i take a bath it feels lke it cant retain moisture.

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Been doing some more reading around here and generally online. I'm going to try and ween myself off the BP and try a variation of that oil cleansing thing. Maybe applying the BP every second day for a while, then 3rd, 4th etc - not sure if anyone else has tried something similar? Getting the impression that my face could be reliant on the BP.

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