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baby pink

first 5 days of treatment

this is a DERMATOLOGIST recommended plan

Progress with acne treatments:

Day 1: Photodynamic Therapy

-3 minutes instead of 20 minutes

-Acne looked worse right after

-Skin turned progressively redder, sunburn-like reaction

-Eyes started hurting

Day 2:

-Still looked like I had a sunburn

-Eyes hurt even more. Put in eye drops to soothe them.

Day 3:

-Sunburn started to fade. Skin started to peel

Day 4: Started Doxycycline, Duac at night

-Skin peeling a LOT

-After washing with the Duac face wash they gave me, less peeling

-Noticed acne under skin was pretty much the same still

-Still having redness

-Took the Doxycycline. Some mild abdominal pain, not bad

-Applying Cetaphil moisturizer often

-Washed my face with the soap-free wash tonight

-Applied the Duac. I still seem to have the same amount of acne, but hey, it hasn't been a week

-Duac caused some tightness in my skin, but that's all so far

yes, I'm having side effects for these treatments, but I think I just need to stick it out!

Day 5: Doxycycline, Differin in the morning, Duac at night

-Skin feels very dry

-Sticking to mostly liquids, soft foods so I don't have to open my mouth much! because that's the driest area for me and sometimes when my face is peeling and i open my mouth too much, i explode in a beard of skin falling off. yuck!

-Skin is dry and super tight. seriously sticking to liquids!

-After taking doxycycline, again with a little stomach pain

-Skin is SUPER dry and starting to peel :(

-Applied Duac after shower. Skin felt even drier. Oh well.

Should I switch to Duac in the day and Differin at night? That's what seems to be the usage for most people..

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Doxy hurt my stomach too, take with crackers, toast, something breadlike, helps alot!

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