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oil cleansing method question

so ive been looking up oil cleansing methods and i was wondering where do you get castor oil and sunflower seed oil? market or sumthing? and can jojoba oil be used instead of castor oil or sunflower seed oil?

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You CAN find castor oil in the laxative section of a drugstore, although cold pressed castor oil is better for your skin from what ive read. I dont think you can replace castor oil as thats the main ingredient to drawing out the dirt on your face. You can mix all 3 tho, like 50% castor 25% sunflower and 25% jojoba. Or 50/50 castor/jojoba if u wanna cut out the sunflower.

Hope i helped.

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i never tried sunflower oil, but i do use a combo of castor & jojoba - purchased from my local health food store

just know that each oil has a different cleaning/moisturizing quality

meaning, for example, i cannot use a straight 50/50 mix of castor and jojoba - the castor oil is too harsh

so i use more of a 25% castor / 75% jojoba mix

if you add sunflower to the mix, i would imagine that would have its own qualities that you would have to account for too

but for me, i having figured out the best mix for my skin, i really, really like the OCM

good luck

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