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Allergic to 10% BP or wat?

Up until recently i was on a regimen of SA and 10%BP by Clean & Clear since I guess my face all of the sudden decided that it was gonna start reacting horribly to it. When I try to use BP now my neck and my face (especially under my eye lids) get super itchy and I have to scratch all day. Wat sucks is that this regimen actually kept my face clear for about 6 months and since I cant use BP anymore im breaking out again. Could it be that I've developed an allergic reaction to the 10%BP or to BP in general? Im thinking about trying a 2.5%BP but im a bit hesitant considering the side affects I know I might have. Has anybody had anything similar happen?

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I developed an allergy to bp. My face gets very itchy, hot, red, and swells. I keep trying to use 2.5% products, and I just can't. The reaction isn't as bad as it was at 5%, but it still isn't tolerable. Even if it was more tolerable, I wonder if it would be a bad idea anyway, since it's obviously stressful for my skin. I dunno. Sucks.

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If your reaction isn't horrible, you could try 1 or 2 applications just to see. My face generally starts to react after 1 and blows up at 2. 2.5% bps I've heard people like are: Neutrogena On-the-Spot (made my face kinda angry after 1 application), Dan's (haven't tried, because I think I might be sensitive to a preservative in it), and Paula's Choice (face got kinda angry after 2 applications).

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