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Diagnosis of Rosacea


I have been posting in other threads. People told me that my acne and sensitive and red skin might (!) indeed not be Acne but Rosacea. I have seen many many dermatologists in the last few years and no one has ever mentioned Rosacea.

Is it difficult for a regular dermatologist do diagnose Rosacea or to tell the difference between acne and Rosacea?

I DO have very sensitive skin (can't use BP for example) and my skin is quite red.

I DON'T have unusual tissue formations, visible blood vesels on my nose and I don't have the red flushes people are talking about.

So, is it difficult for a standard dermatologist to make the correct diagnosis? Are there any scientific tests to tell acne and Rosacea apart?

I would seriously go out and kick some dermatologists' asses if they misdiagnosed me and prescribed things like BP, which make everything worse...

Thanks for your replies!

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By definition, true acne must have comedones present. If you don't have the comedones (the non-inflammatory blackheads or the non-inflammatory whiteheads) then it is not true acne. I don't know if there are any histological tests to tell acne from acne rosacea.

Acne rosacea has papules and pustules. Some people incorrectly label pustules as whiteheads. If it is a red mound with a tiny white top, it is a pustule. They look the same as the papules but with the white top. The mounds can be small or big. If all you have is this type of acne, then it could be acne rosacea. I find they appear quickly, are active as a mound for about 24 hours, then flatten into a red mark, then disappear.

The papules & pustules, red flushing cheeks, visible veins and permanent redness are all options of rosacea. Sensitive skin seems to be common. I only have the p&p.

Acne rosacea is treated differently from acne. So it is worth making the distinction.

There is also demodex folliculitis. It has the same or nearly the same symptoms as acne rosacea. Some people theorise they are the same thing. If you have itchy skin, it could be the demodex mites moving about. I hate the itchy crawly feeling. I now get it before every papule appears.

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Thanks for the information. I do have comedones, but only on my nose, nowhere else in my face. And my "acne" actually does come and goes sometimes within a single day. This doesn't look good for me, I guess. I hope the dermatologist is able to tell me more...

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