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Heyyyy everyone out there with acne..if you feel like you've tried everything that nothing has worked, give this regimen a try..it might give you your life back, like how it did me!! Just to give you a little history about me..


I've been suffering from acne for about 8-9 years...I remember when I was young, when my acne got really bad, I wouldn't be able to look at people straight in the face and my friends would always ask me why I never looked at them..it was so embarrassing. I started using Proactiv and it did help me clear up my acne..though not completely..but enough so that I could have a normal life again. So after yearssssssssss of using Proactiv (sooooooo dang expensive!!!), I was beginning to wonder if I was gonna have to be on this stuff for the rest of my life..Then about 6 months ago, I got my answer because for no reason, it seemed to stop working. Out of nowhere, I started breaking out like CRAZY!!! It was also during the time I was visiting my family after a year of not seeing them..and so while I was home, EVERYONE was talking about my face..I wanted to die!! I started to feel desperate but the worst hadn't even come. My sister was so concerned, she told me to get laser treatment. I gave it a shot..and after 2-3 months of treatment and thousandsssss of dollars down the drain..my face not only did not get better, it got even worse. My face would always be in pain...sometimes I wouldn't even be able to sleep at night because it was hurting so bad. For months straight, all I would do was hide in my room..I coudln't look at my friends, random people, or even my ROOMMATES!! I would always have to pretend I was going to sleep (at like 9!!!) or that I was reading something so I would have an excsue to not look at them..but it was really obvious when they were talking to me and I kept looking down at some random book (haha =*(**)..I was soooo embarrassed!! My life was MISERABLE!! I started buying tonsssss of products..I would literally go out and buy at least one new thing everyday because I would read about reviews and run out to buy them just to find out they didnt work on me..I even ordered stuff from ENGLAND!! Anyway..about a month ago, I started this regimen, and little did I know, it seriously helped me get my life back..I am about 95% better within a couple of weeks (and this is for a girl with pimples so big that one of them covered my whole left cheek). I still have a lot of scars from the acne but they're fading!! and I still sometimes get a new pimple every couple of days but that's a lot better than waking up with three huge ones everyday..sooooooo tryyyyy thissss..it might help you tooooo!!!!


I learned about this regimen from someone else who had posted it on this site (I'm so grateful!!!) but I added and changed a couple of things and it works soooo much better for me..


-Cetaphil and baking SODA

-Mix a little baking soda together with Cetaphil Gentle cleanser to make a paste (not

too thick! so that it can gently glide on your skin). This acts as an exoliator and

gently removes dead skin..DON'T RUB it on your face or else you are just going to

aggravate your skin and make it worse!

-lemon juice

-little miracle fruit!! This is a natural scar fading fruit!! It has helped fade a lot of my

scars. I used apple cider vinegar before but it didn't seem to do anything..and once I

switched to lemons, my scars started fading! Just squeeze some on a cotton ball and

wipe it on your face..it might be too strong for some people who have sensitive skin, so

you might want to dilute it with water.

-water and lemon

-DO THIS PEOPLE!!! I didn't think it would work before but now I'm a believer. I think

that while the other products help get rid of the acne, this prevents it from coming

back. I just squeeze some lemon juice (at least half a lemon) into a bottle of water

and drink it on my way to work or school..it's easyyyy! So find a place that sells cheap

lemons because you're gonna go through a lot of them haha! i use at least 1 a day.


-Purpose gentle cleanser

-I wash my face with this because it takes off make-up wayyyyy better than cetaphil

and it's pretty gentle on the skin. I love it!

-egg white and lemon mask

-I love!!!! this mask..It tightens up your skin and really seems to help reduce the size

of the pimples a lot. DON'T waste an egg every day. I crack a little hole on one end of

the egg and just pour a little egg white into a bowl (you dont need much) and squeeze

a couple of lemon drops into the bowl as well. Mix together with fingers and smear it

onto your face. I usually leave it on for about 30 minute before washing it off..it's

gonna dry in a couple of minutes and really tightens your skin..don't expect to be

eating, talking, or smiling while you're having this on your face hahha..an egg lasts me

about 5-6 days.

-benzol peroxide

-I use this bp (10%) called ZapZyt..it's great!!!! It's very strong so don't put it all over

your face..only use as a spot treatment. I used to be obssessed with putting tonsssss

of stuff on my face..I'm always walking around my apartment with a white face

because I thought more was better so I would pile on moisturiszer, proactiv, or

whatever else I was using..NOT WITH THIS THOUGH!! I tried and I got tonsss of scabs

from it because it burned my face..only use a little and rub it into ur skin..it should be

invisible..trust me that's all you need. A lot of people don't like to use BP because they

think your skin is going to be dependent on it. After years of using proactiv, I whole-

heartedly agree, but because this is only a spot treatment, you won't be dependent on

it..at least l haven't been..

-I switch back and forth between zapzyt and eggwhites..I would put a little eggwhite

on a pimple and leave it overnight..it usually goes down within a couple of days. If it

doesn't, then I switch over to the bp and see what happens. So i play around with

these two spot treatments

-lemon juice for scars

-after spot treating..I put lemon juice on the rst of the face and especially the scars. It

has really helped fade my scars and I'm crossing my fingers that it will continue

working its magic. Don't let lemon juice touch the BP..it does something weird to the

BP and might make it not work as well.

OKKKKKK that was a longgggggggggggggggggggg post hahha..hope you guys are still awake!!! hope this will help some of you out there..I have tried sooooo many products, treatments, and I was very very desperate and felt depressed at one point. This has turned my life around a litle.. I can't guarantee it will help everybody, but if it doesn't, don't give up..keep looking for that one thing that will help you because that's what I did. I'm still fighting this battle myself..but it's not as hard of a battle anymore and I'm not feeling as defeated =)

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