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Ugh. PLEASE HELP ME. I can't take it anymore! :(

Hi, i'm a guy. And I started getting acne in the 7th grade, but it really got bad in the winter of 10th grade (last year), after going to a Dermatologist, he prescribed Minocycline. I took two pills, starting around mid-January, and around March, my face looked incredible. Hardly any zits at all! I was so excited, I was reborn! It lasted all throughout summer, too.. But then when school rolled around it got bad. It's gone in and out with being good and bad lately too.. But it is REALLY bad right now.. But I don't understand why.. I still take two minocyclines a day, I exercise every two days, I eat fruits and veggies, I use proactive and salycic acid in the daytime.. I just don't understand it. Is it because I just started shaving every day a few weeks ago? I had always shaved every other day, could that be why?

Or maybe has the minocycline run it's course..?

Should I get off Minocycline and try another pill, like Accutane...?

What do you propose I should do to get my life back..?

Please help... :(

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My skin is really nice during the summer as well.

But it gets worse during the school year, it could possibly be because of the change of weather, and the factors that school brings.

School causes me to sleep less, have less time to work on my appearence, and have more stress. I know all of these are factors in my acne.

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It's possible you've built up a tolerance to the minocycline. I've heard of that happening. I know some people go on antibiotics for long periods of time, but that's always made me nervous. If I ever actually need an antibiotic for illness, I want it to work. Sounds to me like you need to go back to see a dermatologist or skin care specialist. In my experience and in many others that I've read, Proactiv is crap. Didn't do a much for me at all. Hopefully whoever you go to can recommend something that works. There's so many things out there, and unfortunately, not one that works for every person. It's all about trial and error. Try whatever they recommend, and if it doesn't work, after a few months, try the next. It's not fun but eventually I do believe you'll find what works for you.. so be patient and try not to get too discouraged. I would also recommend that you go see and endochronologist. They are often very helpful in determining if the problem stems from something internal. It's possible your insulin or hormone levels are out of whack. Just 2 of many possible causes though.

Also, there are a number of laser treatments out now that are pretty promising, although they can get pricey. I recommend just doing all the research you can. This site is great for that. Before you try something new, I'd look up the reviews for it on here. Read about the pro's and con's, and learn from other people experiences.

Good luck! You'll figure it out ;)

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