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Ok so I've decided to go with something different, Im currently using Alpha Hydrox's foaming cleanser but its not doing much for getting the gunk out of my pores. I keep getting major clogs in my entire t-zone and they keep getting bigger and bigger (I have small ones that kinda stick out too). I literally can pick the big plugs out and see/feel the little hard ball of sebum. I dont even have oily skin, only sometimes on my nose. Everythings always bumpy/rough feeling because of these clogged pores.

Also, my skin will flake off sometimes like its not exfoliating enough. So I need a new cleanser that will be able to help GENTLY exfoliate and allow my pores to stay cleaner. On top of that I dont want a cleanser that will strip my skin, perhaps a creamy cleanser. I was thinking of going to Alpha Hydrox's nourishing cleanser since its looks creamier so it might not overdry my skin, and it acutally has AHA vs the foaming which did not.

Does anyone have any good recommendations? What about BHA pads, would those be too rough/drying? Thanks

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i have been using dr bronners tea tree liquid cleanser (for about 4 months now )and so far i love it for the first week it did dry my skin but no peeling or flaking but after a week that goes away to just plain fresh skin deep cleaned no scrubs required but i still use a scrub once a week or maybe once in two week. hope this helps

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Thanks for all your suggestions! I decided to actually try something different and a bit more natural, Im trying the OCM because I am hoping the oil will help dissolve all of the oil plugs in my skin. One thing I have noticed is that when I used EVOO I can really notice a lot of hardened plugs being loosened up as I massage my face and I really am looking forward to the other EVOO benefits if this works for me (acutally if it doesnt do much for my acne and still doesnt make it worse, ill probably keep doing it anyways because of the EVOO benefits, one of my idols is Sophia Loren who baths in olive oil an she has got to be the youngest looking woman of her age ever). Cant remember exactly how many days its been since not using cleanser but nothing's really changed, I know I have to give it time though.

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