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I take biodermazen.. two capsules every morning and two capsules after school. I am on Yaz birth control and I use Cetaphil Cleanser, AcneFree Toner, %10 BP cream, and use the "Tape Method" for my Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation. For make-up I use tinted moisturizer. Still have pizza face. I have a doctor appointment on the 8th but I'm only seeing the Dermatologist's assistant, not the actual doctor (it is EXTREMELY hard to get in, we only have 1 in our area and I live in a pretty big city). I eat a lot of veggies (cucumbers & tomatoes) and completely avoid sugar, limit dairy && carbohydrates. I drink a lot of water and green tea.

I have 3 huge cysts on my face and they hurt really bad. The red marks are all over the place and my skin feels like I took a bath in canola oil. I want to look like a princess on prom. I feel so ashamed that my boyfriend has to bring the pimply faced girl to prom. I just want to feel beautiful.

Anything you suggest for my regimen? I am doing everything I can these next two weeks.

I plan on switching to mineral make-up and getting a REALLY good spray tan to cover up

the red marks/acne. Has Anyone used biodermazen before?

Your help means the entire world to me. Thank you very much! (:

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I'm sure its not as bad as it seems, the fact that you even have a boyfriend and is going to prom, you should be thrilled.

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Nothing you can do about red marks or scars but make up can fix that issue. For pimples themselves, use Benzaclin to spot treat it every night and day.

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