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Some people swear by it. I have tried it, its really strong you have to dilute it somehow (I used emu oil) or just dap a very small amount on. My dad tried using it for his nail fungus on toes, maybe he used it too much but it kind messed up the skin around toes, Dr. said it was almost like a chemical burn.

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i tried it, it kinda made me break out more. i mixed it with moisturizer. it burned my eyes even though it didnt get into them.

plus it's smell is very strong and not pleasant. my mom complained about my room stinking so i stopped using it, plus like i said it made me break out more.

i'd say try it, but be careful...

but my advice is to use Bp rather than this stuff. unless you're allergic like me.

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I use it as a spot treatment, but mostly on the big stuff. Also if you do end up popping something put some of that on and it works as an antiseptic. It really helps me I feel, but dont over do it or your skin will get really dried out. This also worked for my aunt - so all ages seem to benefit from it.

Keep us posted.

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It didn't prevent new blemishes for me, but did a great job drying them up when used as a spot treatment.

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Used to be a big believer in the stuff.

Now I use nothing on my face. Currently on the paleo diet. Drastic improvement.

Part of the reason is that my face is less irritated.

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i used it and it was a disaster.whatever you do make sure to dilute it some if you have sensitive skin like I do. I tried t apply it directly and it made my skin scab. Even when diluted I didn't see any benefit.

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I use it extensively. I works very well.

Mix 5% pure TTO into a face cream (I use Lotil cream- 5-10ml in 100g of Lotil). Apply twice a day in a thickish layer and leave to soak in. Don't need to wash it off. Just wash as normal.

DO NOT USE TTO NEAT- IT BURNS, DRIES AND HURTS. DO NOT USE LESS THAN 5% TTO IN THE FACE CREAM (you can use up to say, 10-15% but there's no particular point). I found high strength TTO broke me out, consistently. Low strength 5-10% doesn't, your skin tolerates it fine, but the acne bugs can't, they just die. I'm pretty sure that the people above were mixing it far too strong. There's actually been a scientific study on it- it said it worked as well as BP, and that's what I found.

I also use 5% topical ibuprofen gel as well, twice a day. It's an anti-inflammatory; it's actually a sports rub, but I just slap it on my face.

The combination works very, very, very well. It takes ~3 months to really kick in, like any good acne treatment though, I'm currently about 90% clear.

I also use a bit of coverup makeup as needed.

It's about as good as BP, but with none of the downsides, no dryness, redness, peeling, no bleached clothes, don't have to wash off, costs roughly the same-ish.

p.s. I actually tried it with jojoba, but it didn't seem to work, dunno why, maybe it was unstable in jojoba or something, it didn't smell right and I binned it in the end.

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