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I saw a girl on youtube, she was demonstrating how to use some lotion for pimples that she purchased, started with a M from someplace in New York. It looked exactly like calamine lotion (not caladryl) It was in a clear bottle and you could see it settled like calamine. She dunked a q-tip in the stuff on the bottom of jar and dabbed it on face. I got out my calamine and tried it. I only left it on for an hour, she left hers on overnite. It seemed to help with a few active pimples I have/had. Has anyone tried this?

Here is whats in calamine:calamine,zinc oxide, benonite magma,calcium hydroxide, glycerine,water.

This is what my now regimine is kind of sorta until I buy something else.

In shower I have a bar of Kiss My face oliveoil and honey. At the sink I have a bar of aveeno oatmeal. **new stuff** I saw a sample bottle of Dr. Bronners miracle hemp w/peppermint.(don't use full strenght) I put a few cups of hot water, about 20 drops of dr.b's and wipe/soak for a minute of so and rinse. Sometimes use diluted organic apple cidar vinegar as a toner. Also have some MyChelle (bought on line) serums and scrub I use once or twice a week. **newer stuff**Say Yes to Carrots facial Mub (scrub/mask)=like it (fr Walgreens)....The list goes on..

Things I have tried out of desperation (get occasional monster cyst)Have gotten injections in past.

I think cysts are really in the, yuck, boil catagory. I have used tumeric as a paste, saw something on-line that tumeric(its a spice) helps with boils, it may or may not have helped me. Magnesium sulfate (epson salts) is supposed to help boils, as a paste or a soak,havn't tried this yet.

Anyone out there tried any of the stuff I have?

Has any of this helped you?

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she was talking about Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion. And ,yes, the ingridients u listed r super similar. I didn't like it that much.BUt I love their Buffering Lotion

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