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The Great Reizo

Trans Fat, HFCS, HF, and Monosodium Glutamate...

Ever since I began my studies into nutrition I've been plagued by the various opinions from around every-all-over...Some say cut it out completely, some say eliminate and try to reduce. What do you guys think about the following ingredients. How long does Trans-Fat stay in the body anyway?

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MSG is really hard to avoid, they only put MSG if it is 99% or more MSG, otherwise they call it hydrolized protein or "natural flavor". But you probably know that. What are the other things besides MSG and Trans Fat?

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Well, I would avoid trans fats and hydrogenated oils at ALL costs. Numerous studies have proven how bad it is for you in general (specifically for your cardiovascular system), and I think a major issue for trans fats is that your body doesn't metabolize them well, if at all, because of their synthetic and unnatural conformation, which leads for them to either be excreted (hopefully through your feces but in some people, like me, through your skin as acne), or to build up in your arteries and adipose tissue. I personally consider trans fats something that shouldn't be overlooked, even in small amounts.

As for MSG and HFCS, I really don't know. I know they are unnatural, I know their safety has been questioned, but I don't think they have been conclusively linked to a whole lot health-wise. I personally avoid them, but I guess it is ultimately up to you.

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