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My acne is apparently reistent to accutane... great

Well, it has been about 4 months since I finished my 3rd high dose course of accutane (80mg a day) and here I am with my acne back. And no I am not talking about just a pimple occassionally. I can count about 10 - 12 worthy pimple/pustules/lumps on my face (yeah there are about a million clogged pores too, along with your standard red marks). Seeing as accutane has not worked there seem to be 2 choices for me. Those being low dose accutane and laser/light therapy. The side effects of accutane have not been good for me so I am opting to try laser/light therapy first. I made an appointment to meet with some nationally renowned dermatologists in Boston that are supposedly extraordinaires in the "laser dermatology" field. I figure I will experiment with some of these procedures and pray to god they are effective in shrinking my damn oil glands. By the way I'm 21 and have suffered acne since I was in the 6th/7th grade. It has caused me tremendous amounts of adverse emotional issues in my life. The periods of time when I do have had acne on my face I've been a recluse, thinking about my skin around the clock. Constantly inspecting it and holding my head down in public. I've never had cystic acne, I just have blackheads in almost every pore and always have a bunch of pimples in random places.... giving me that real "messy" skintype appearance. I get it on my back/neck too. Anyways back on topic, I'm really hoping these procedures work and also that my insurance covers them. If not, I'm still willing to shell out money even if theres a slight chance it will work. I'm sure a lot of you would/do feel the same way. I am not bashing accutane by the way, I praise the drug and highly recommend it as it is statistically the best treatment for acne. The times that I have been on it with clear skin I have been confident, outgoing, focused on my schoolwork and not afraid to talk to girls. This drug works miracles, unfortunately, I'm part of the 2% (I think) of people with acne that don't respond to the drug in terms of long-term remission. This post has been a bit of a ramble but if anyone has any opinions, recommendations, or feedback on this thread, please post. No real intention here other than to tell my little story and I will keep people posted on the results of my future treatments. Wish me luck!

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hey long lost pal! I'm sorry to hear about all of the trouble you're going through. I can't believe it still hasn't worked for you. It sounds to me like your skin is no longer affected by it. I wouldn't see any point on a 4th round... The laser treatment you were talking about sounds like the better move. GOOD LUCK with everything! I hope for the best for you.

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i very much hope i wont be resistant to accutane.

post in light / laser section your results.

have you tried changing your diet?

what about regular skin peels?

what about a red/blue light at home?

anyway these would be my ideas to try. no idea if they work.

best of luck,


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Hey, I'll be moving to Boston in August and am seeking laser treatment for red marks and scars. What's the name of the clinic you will be going to?

And do you have to wait a certain period of time after finishing tane before a laser treatment? The doc I talked to said it was a minimum of six months.

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