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How to keep your liver healthy while on Accutane

It is imperative to keep the liver healthy and clean daily. While on accutane, this rule of thumb becomes even more important. I've consulted with a product information specialist at Flora to ask more questions about a specific daily detox tea they offer and if this would be benefical for someone on accutane. I know by reading and by discussing this product with many users (many being cancer patients) that it most certainly works. However, I was more concerned with if it conflicted with accutane. This is the response i got:


Dear Friend,

Flor*Essence and drugs:

To understand why Flor*Essence will not interfere with drugs; you need to know a bit about the cells in the body:

A cell is a living structure in the body. We have trillions of them, and each of them has many smaller structures inside. One of them is called the nucleus and it contains the entire genetic DNA it needs so that it can replicate itself exactly. Our cells do die off continuously, so they need to be able to replace themselves. Almost every cell in your body has the ability to do this, and over time, every 7 years or so, each of these cells will have replaced itself, sometimes many times over.

Chemo/Radiation: Flor*Essence can safely be taken during chemotherapy or radiation, and should be, since it can help the patient deal with many of the side effects of these therapies. In a sense the tea helps the immune system identify cells and cellular masses that are foreign to the body. Chemo drugs, as such, do not have a cellular structure; neither does radiation, so essentially the tea will not interfere. However, these treatments do produce waste material and Flor*Essence will target these. Chemo and radiation add toxins to the body, producing more wastes, making a longer cleansing time, but the tea will not interfere with the chemo and radiation.

Drugs: The same applies here: The tea does not interfere with the activities of any drug you may be on. Its purpose is to go after foreign CELLULAR materials �€“ things that are living and have a cellular structure or are dead but had a cellular structure. Drugs are not living things, and therefore don�€™t have a cellular structure or they would be able to reproduce in your body. This would mean you would only have to take one dose of them - ever!

More detailed information is available, but I would need a postal mailing address to send it, if you are interested.

Hope this helps. Take care and God bless

Leda M Fair

Product Information Specialist


For more information on this product you can visit: http://www.florahealth.com/Flora/Home/cana...ducts/R8070.asp

I hope this may help many of you who are on accutane and are worried about their health while on the course. Apparently its cheaper to buy the herb loose leaves and brew it yourself then the other bottle that is already prepared for you. Its up to you of course.

Good luck to everyone, and good health :)

ps: no im not trying to sell this product, im just a girl who enjoys searching for natural remedies to achieve a well-balanced life. i also think accutane can work just as long as you adopt a healthy life while on the drug. this might just be one of those things to help you reap the benefits without having to sacrifice your health.

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Seems like a doctor's opinion might be important also.

My Naturopath/M.D. just got back to me on this, and he believes that its incredibly safe, and if not, the smartest thing to do while taking any medication to prevent your liver from being damaged. Instead of going through harsh month long detoxes which can push your body into shock, a daily detox is much more gentle and is just as beneficial, if not more.

Im just passing on something that could really help people during their treatment.

Happy Health,


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