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Ro-Accutain - 2nd Cycle.. Need help plz

I was on 40mg a day for 6 months.

I have moderate acne with all red spots all round my face and scalp.

Ro-Accutain did fuck all for me.

So im asking to go on it again... But does anyone know if theres a waiting period between cycles?

Also do you people recomend a higher dosage than 40mg seeing as im just as spoty before the Ro-Accutain?

Please someone get back to me.


(Also if i cant get Accutain perscribed (which i think i will anyway or ill kill them) Is there any legit sites that sell the real deal?)

.. And if i cant ask that question im sorry dont delete the whole topic just tell me and il remove this paragraph.

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40 mg is pretty low.. you don’t need to wait six months to take it again..

Some people split the dose in half and take it for 12 months.

If your acne cleared during the first course.. then ask the derm to bump you to 60mg -80mg… of course ask your derm cause dosing is related to weight…

Its usually better to raise your dose after each course…that’s what I did and I am clear now.

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Thanks for the response..

Ive got an appointment in a week

Yee 40mg was too low i think..

Whats best though? 60mg or 80mg? does 80mg clear you faster?

I dont care about the side effects, Just want it gone.

Also I see peoples diarys on accutain.. and there red acne clears up to normal clear skin right.. should that happen to mine aswell?

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