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Retisol-A (Retin-A): How do you wash your face?

At the moment, this is how I use Retisol-A to treat my whiteheads.


-Wash face with Biotherm Acnopur Foaming Cleanser

-Apply Retisol-A


-Wash face with Biotherm Acnopur Foaming Cleanser

-Moisturize face with oil-free Moisturizer

It's not working. :( Am I doing anything wrong? I've been thinking about taking away the cleanser and just washing my face with a wet towel.

How do you guys wash your face prior to applying Retin-A? Can you tell me your routines and how it's been going.

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What do you mean by it's not working? Your skin is too dry or you aren't seeing results from the Retin-A? I don't know how long you have been on it, but you have to be patient with Retin-A. It can take up to two months to see results.

I wash with Cetaphil morning and night and use Neutrogena Oil Free moisturizer for sensitive skin. Once or twice a week I use a scrub with glycolic acid in it (not everyone could tolerate this while using Retin-A).

I apply Retin-A at night and use BP in the morning. Just make sure not to apply BP and Retin-A at the same time because they will neutralize each other.

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I do not know the ingredients in that cleanser. If you can look at them and compare them to either of the following sites, you could see if the cleanser might cause you some problems:



After you've washed gently, gently pat the skin dry. Wait half an hour, and then apply a pea-sized amount of the Retisol A and massage it in gently. Waiting half an hour gives your skin time to recover from even the most gentle of washings so that you'll experience fewer side effects.

Remember that a retinoid won't give immediate results; you'll unfortunately have to wait (usually) at least three months to see improvement. Retinoids work slowly, but I personally think they work miracles. :)

Did you get a cream form of a retinoid? If possible, ask your derm to prescribe you the gel form. The cream is actually comedogenic and might clog pores. It's best for those who wish to prevent wrinkles, not prevent acne. The gel is non-comedogenic.

Good luck!

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