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I have quite bad red marks left over from acne and am currently using tretinoin.

I was just wondering if it was safe to tan (in the sun, not a tanning bed) I've heard that it can increase the redness of the marks, and i have also heard that it can help fade the marks. What do you think?

Btw i don't "cook" myself in the sun, just so im not so pale! But obvs i don't want to increase the redness of my marks, i'm trying to fade them!


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From what i read, tanning with red marks increases the time it takes for them to heal. Furthermore, tanning might not help since your red marks may also get "tanned" making them darker...so you'll find yourself in the same position as you are in now.

Ive read that ACV ( apple cider vinegar ) has done some wonders for people. You can prolly find the thread if u searched this forum. GL

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I've heard that it's harder to fight red marks if you tan, but from personal experience, it's helped them.

My skin looked flawless during the summer last year. Can't wait to hit the beach this year.

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It always helps me but be sure to do it gradually. Don't do one hour each day, do about 20 minutes so you're not burning your skin or causing any damage. 15-20 minutes of sun each day is healthy for your skin.

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if you want to disguise your red marks, make them darker, get wrinkles, have the red marks last longer, and get skin cancer then tan. do not tan. it will only make things worse.

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