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tibetan herbal supplement to clear your skin

i was surfing for supplements on the web and came across an herbal remedies site featuring tiebtanherbs that treat numerous things. one of their supplements was for acne. the link is below.


^visit this site and read up on the supplements and how they work and the origin of tibetan herbs^

yeah i know alot of you people here are cold hard skeptics about alot of things. dont judge these supplements unless you check them out first. i highly recommend them. they aren't a fluke. everything that is explained on the site makes total and complete sense. i ordered mine a week ago. they should be in any day now so im excited and i thought i would share this with anyone who's running out of treatment options.

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I can't find the actual ingredients of that product anywhere on that site. Have you found it? I wouldn't buy any supplement that doesn't show its ingredients.

Edit: I found the ingredient list. The first ingredient is safflower, the oil of which I know for fact makes my acne worse.

Their site also has some blatant false information on it: "cow's milk is good for diabetes." Why then does cow's milk induce a higher insulin response than most other foods? "Rice stops vomiting." Uh, vomiting tends to stop when the offending item/s have been removed. "Butter improves memory."

I'd like to know where they are getting these claims.

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The testimonials crack me up:

“I have used your acne medicines, like 4 months back, and my acne has been cured. Do you have an affiliate programme..†G, India

“I ordered the acne support combo for my daughter who is 21 years old and has had presistent acne for 3 years nothing worked we used doctors, lasers, antibiotics, prescribed creams proactive, and other systems... since her first bottles of acne support combos. HER ACNE HAS CLEARED!! I'm ordering one more for good measure but we want to say thank you.†S, Gansevoort NY

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