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Physical Activity and sweating

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This is something that I have been pondering about for a little while now and I would like to see what others think. I'm sorry this isn't about the regimen but I couldn't think of a better category. Anyways, I noticed that along with being tan in the summer, I did a lot of running and working out so I would usually sweat a lot. Now once fall came along I was in soccer so again I was always sweating during games and practices. My acne had become a little worse during the fall but not that bad. Once soccer was over I went hunting and that is when my problems came. I really haven't had a good aerobic or anerobic excersice since and my acne has become worse. So the question is, do any of you feel that your acne become a little better with more sweating and working out?

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Guest fatman_uk

I notice my lil tiny bit on my shoulders shrivels an dies after ive had a sweaty excersize session but a bunch of redmarks on my face appear sumtimes, AGGGHH!!! What the hell?!!?

I always rinse my face an top half of my body anyhow, it makes it all better for me an i dab on a lil' bit of moisturiser, same goes for when ive been swimming.

I really can't wait for the end of spring, roll o the good weather! This time of year's so dull, dingy an depressing. Hell, i LOVE darkness but this weather really adds to the lameness of bein broke over christmas, LOL.


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