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-so i have been on dkr and ive added a few things into my regimen in the past few weeks.

-First off i just bought derma e Alpha Lipoic/Green Tea Repair Cream to maybe help the redness more. i started putting this on after washing my face with dans cleanser.

--Second i have been using jojoba and e oil on my face. I add the jojoba oil before i use dans bp.

---Third i just started using acv about a week ago and even when it made my face so red but did get rid of the red acne spots. so now i try to use less and dilute it a little more. Its the first thing i put on after washing my face.

----Fourth i have been using this glycolocic skin peel to try and get rid of some of the dead dry skin every once in awhile.

-also i feel a lot of the irritation comes from stress because usually gets worse while im at work (pretty stressful job). and idk if i should try that stress control stuff or not.

-i mostly have acne around my mouth, cheeks and jaw line but nowhere else though.

-if there's anything i can add/change please let me know

thanks everyone!

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try diacneal, ive tried every prescription topical and this one beats them all, its glycolic acid and retinaldehyde, similar to tretinoin cream but not as irritating, its also cheap as hell and no prescription is needed.

learn to meditate.

stay excited about life.

exercise, sleep deeply in complete darkness for maximum melatonin production.

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