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Body Shop Papaya Soap

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Has anybody ever tried Body Shop Papaya soap for scars or just general washing?

What does everyone think about Body Shop products? Anything good? biggrin.gif

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I mainly dislike Body Shop stuff - I find a lot of their stuff has artificial additives and are comedogenic.

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I agree. I have always found Body Shop products to be the skin care equivalent of fast food. Many of their formulas seem chintzy and slapdash (at least to me). I remember using one of their products once and developing an angry cyst the very next day. I threw the jar in the trash bin and that was the end of my Body Shop experience! =;

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i think that that soap is just kinda papaya scented, without any real papaya enzymes which are the exfoliation products....

so i think.......

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Yeah, I was in the Body shop the other day and taking a look at their product range .... when it says papaya, there is either no papaya in it (just a scent) or so tiny amount to make no difference.

They advertise themselves to be eco-friendly etc... but I don't see that much of that.

Don't be fooled by product names. Always check their ingredients list ... the closer to the beginning, the larger the amount.

The only produts I don't mind are the PURE oils ... but you can get them anywhere.

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It only has papaya seed oil in it. No enzymes.

Well, guess what? I tried real papaya the other day. I didn't see a miraculous difference but skin was just soft after rinsing it off my face. Some of the things I could've done differently are:

1) use an UNRIPE papaya


2) either juice it or use a blender to thoroughly smooth it (other wise you have chucks of papaya falling off your face)

I think you would have better luck juicing the unripe papaya and then applying the juice with a cotten ball every fifteen minutes. The papaya dries on the face, so you can reapply.

Using the ripe papaya I didn't feel a sting or even a tingle. Some where I read a woman's face turned bright red from using a papaya mask. So I guess you have to gauge the time/ripeness according to your skin sensitivity.

I much rather use the TCA Complex (which the sample of I dropped! Grr!!) But this was very relaxing.

I hope that helped someone.

Take care smile.gif

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Ooh...sounds kewl. I'm gonna try that papaya thing right now!

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Don't worry...after my face has been like this for THIS long, I've long given up hope on my "miracle" cure, that would clear me up instantly. And besides, my papaya's are too ripe. lol.

(Yah! My sister and I always yell this line when we watch basketball games! biggrin.gif)

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